Poultry Studies 2017, Vol 14, Num, 2     (Pages: 030-038)

Breeding Studies on Pure Lines at Poultry Research Institute

Hüseyin Göger 1 ,Şahnur Erdoğan Demirtaş 1 ,Şermin Yurtoğullari 1 ,Ahmet Nuri Taşdemir 1 ,Ulvi Erkin Şenkal 1 ,Birhan Boyali 1

1 Tavukçuluk Araştırma Enstitüsü Müdürlüğü, Şehit Cem Ersever Caddesi 9/11 Gayret Mahallesi Yenimahalle/Ankara, Türkiye - This article is intended to illustrate the situation of breeding studies conducted in the Poultry Research Institute over the last 20 years. Considerable progress has been made in the breeding project initiated in 1995 with the aim of developing the native hybrid materials needed by the egg producers. Egg production traits of hens with pedigreed flocks are recorded and candidate sire and dams for the next generations are determined using the animal model. Firstly, studies have been carried out in order to obtain better levels of egg production traits of pure lines which form the basis of breeding studies by inline selection. Secondly, grand-parents from pure lines and parents from grand-parents are obtained. In the final stage, sire and dam parent lines were crossed and hybrid materials are produced. Age of first egg, weight of first egg and egg weight were decreased and egg number was increased by the selection studies. Egg mass, one of the determining traits of egg production, was also found to be affected in increasing direction. It is thought that it will be beneficial to continue the breeding activities carried out in the Poultry Research Institute and to set new targets and to check breeding studies at regular intervals. Keywords : Hybrid, Pure line, Selection, Laying hen