Poultry Studies 2019, Vol 16, Num, 2     (Pages: 062-067)

Effects of Phytogenic Feed Additives as an Alternative to Antibiotic on Broiler Performance and Carcass Characteristics

Yavuz Gurbuz 1 ,Malawan Dhahir Abdullah 1 ,Mehmet Cetin 2

1 Department of Animal Nutrition, Faculty of Agriculture, Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University, 46050 Kahramanmaraş, Turkey
2 Department of Animal Nutrition, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Harran, 63000 Şanlıurfa, Turkey
DOI : 10.34233/jpr.651871 - This study conducted to determine the effect of phytogenic feed additives as natural feed supplements with comparing avilamycin feed additive broiler performance and various carcass characteristics. For this aim possible effects of the phytogenic feed additives and avilamycin feed additives as a feed additive on live body weight (LBW), body weight gain (BWG), feed intake (FI), feed conversion ratio (FCR), carcass weight (CW), abdominal fat (AF) and liver weight (LW) characterization of broiler chickens. A total of 252 broilers chick (ROSS 308) were selected and divided into 7 treatments and 3 replicates based on completely randomized design (CRD). 3-day-old chicks are reared for 42 days. The limited amount of feed was provided whilst water was supplied ad-libitum. Each treatment contained three replicates of 12 birds. Each group of birds was supplied with 0. 10%, 0.15% and 0.20% of either phytogenic feed additives or avilamycin as feed additives as feed additive and control group was supplied with neither phytogenic feed additives nor avilamycin in their ratio. Data of LBW, BWG, FCR, and FI were statistically analyzed using one-way analysis of variance and means compared using multiple range test in Statistical Analysis System Programs. Means LBW, BWG, FI, FCR, CW, AF and LW against T6 phytogenic feed additives (PFA) were significantly higher for broilers in other groups. However, they were non-significant effect on the carcass weight, carcass yield, and abdominal fat. Results of the present study suggested that feeding phytogenic feed additives tends to improve the growth performance of the broilers and FCR. Keywords : Phytogenic feed additives Avilamycin feed additives Feed additives Broiler performance Carcass characteristic