Poultry Studies 2007, Vol 7, Num, 1     (Pages: 031-037)

Effect of Dietary Zinc and Phytase Supplementation at Different Levels on Mineral Accumulation of Some Tissues in Broilers


1 Selçuk Üniversitesi Ziraat Fakültesi Zootekni Bölümü-Konya - In this study, the effect of supplementation of diet with zinc and phytase in different levels on mineral accumulation of plasma, liver, pancreas and toe ash in broilers was carried out and evaluated. A 6-wk experiment, 960 unsexed day-old broiler chicks were used. Twelve treatments consisting of three levels of zinc (40, 60 and 160 mg / kg diet) and four levels phytase (0, 500, 1000 and 1500 U / kg diet) in 3 x 4 factorial arrangement were used with four replicates of twenty birds each. During the experiment, feed and water were used as ad libitum.

As a main factor, Zn levels of diet did not significantly effect of Cu, Fe, P and Zn concentration of plasma, P concentration of liver, Cu, Fe and Zn concentration of pancreas and Ca and P concentration of toe ash (P> 0.01; P> 0.05) in broiler chicks which, significantly effect of Cu, Fe and Zn concentration of liver and P concentration of pancreas and Zn concentration of toe ash (P< 0.01). Concentration of Cu, Fe and Zn in liver were increased of by the with increased Zn levels in the diet, and concentration of P in pancreas was content of 100 mg/kg Zn in groups higher than 40 mg/kg Zn, but concentration of Zn in toe ash decreased. The different levels of phytase in diets did not significantly effect on the concentrations of Cu, Fe, P and Zn of plasma and pancreas, P concentration of liver and concentrations of Ca, P and Zn toe ash (P> 0.01; P> 0.05) , however significantly affected on the concentration of liver Cu, Fe and Zn (P< 0.01) . In broilers, fed to 1500 U phytase/kg level of phytase in diets, concentration of Cu, Fe and Zn in liver higher than other levels of phytase (P< 0.01). The interactions of between Zn and phytase in diet of broiler did not significant (P> 0.01; P> 0.05) effect on concentration of pancreas Cu, Fe, P and Zn, liver and plasma Fe and toe ash Zn, but which, were significant concentration of plasma Cu, P, Zn and toe ash Ca and P (P< 0.01; P< 0.05). Its concentrations of toe ash Ca and P increased fed to content of 40 mg/kg Zn in diets of broilers that, the highest concentration of Zn occurred content of 1000 and 1500 U/kg phytase of groups.

There was no need to add inorganic zinc to broiler ration for the accumulation of mineral in plasma, liver, pancreas and bone. However, addition of phytase to broiler ratio was improved the accumulation of mineral in mentioned tissues. Keywords : Broiler, zinc, phytase, carcass characteristics, tissue mineral concentrations